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Market Report - SNES Classic

When I was lucky enough to get a preorder of the SNES Classic, I was very happy. I tried unsuccessfully to get an NES Classic last year and ultimately gave up after realizing many of the 8-bit era games do not hold up as well . I was more interested in the SNES Classic because I knew I would play it. And I have. It's a blast. So if you have one, my advice is don't sell it. These things are meant to be played. And part of me does not like that probably 50% or more of these things went to resellers.

For that reason I'm reluctant to discuss the value of this thing. But it's a market. So let's take a look.

Based on eBay sales, at this time the SNES Classic has a pretty stable price between $145-$160. There are some anomalies, as low as $130 and as high as $199. But for the most part, the price is pretty stable.

Of course, Nintendo has already released more SNES Classics in two weeks than they released NES Classics in total. And Nintendo has been clear that more units are coming. So I would expect the value to decline from here. If you have not been able to get your hands on one, patience should serve you well.

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