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Cannon Spike

In November of 2000, with the Dreamcast about one year old and already losing the war to the recently released PS2, Capcom released Cannon Spike. Like many of the Capcom Dreamcast releases, Cannon Spike was an arcade port. I owned a Dreamcast, but unlike most of the other ports I, this one did not really hit my radar. It certainly should had Charlie and Cammy from Street Fighter shooting things!

Although I owned a Dreamcast, I unfortunately did not buy a copy for the $39.99 MSRP back in 2000. And as we all know, the game is worth quite a bit more now.

That said, the price of the game has stagnated in the past 18 months or so. Perhaps this just coincides with a general slowdown in the collectible video game market. But given that other games, namely Giga Wing 2, have continued rise in price during that time, there might be a slight market correction in play.

Right now, the list prices of clean, CIB copies of Cannon Spike are still high. But as we all know, the list prices on eBay do not mean anything if no one is clicking the buy button for that amount.

And if you review the sold listings it tells a bit of a different story. A game that was selling regularly for over $170 in 2016 can now be had for $140 with some patience. And most sales are btn $140 and $160.

As noted in some prior posts, based on number of auctions, Cannon Spike does not appear to especially rare. Especially when compared to GW2 or Garou. Right now there are 15 CIB listings. Compare that to 4 CIB listings for Giga Wing 2 or 12 copies of The Last Blade 2. Perhaps the market is waking up to the fact that the supply of Cannon Spike is higher than previously thought.

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