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Project Justice

Last month we took an in-depth look at Rival Schools, so it seems apt that we follow up that post with the sequel to Rival Schools - Project Justice.

Project Justice has been a marquee collector title for Dreamcast for many years. Like many of the rare Dreamcast games, it was released late in the Dreamcast's life in May of 2001. It is also a Capcom game, a fighter, and highly regarded critically. The game has not been given an HD re-release, so if you want to play Project Justice the Dreamcast is basically your only 100% legal option.

I've followed the market for this game on and off for several years. Interestingly, while the Dreamcast market has steadily risen during that time, the price of Project Justice has come down on eBay.

In general, I do not think that the game is as rare as some of the other Dreamcast grail games. There are currently 20 Project Justice listings on eBay. For comparison's sake, there are only 12 Giga Wing 2 listings right now, and 15 listings for Cannon Spike.

So while the game fetched up to $150 at some points in time, it can now be sniped CIB for less than $100. Disk only copies are selling in the $50-$60 range. Given how highly regarded the game is, it is worth picking up if you have a Dreamcast and like Capcom fighters. capcom

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