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Market Report: Sega Saturn

I owned a Sega Genesis in 1989 and after a Nintendo childhood I pretty quickly became a Sega disciple. I think I have probably played more combined hours of Herzog Zwei and Revenge of Shinobi than anyone.

But the tastes of a junior high kid can be fickle. I recall trading in some Genesis games to buy a Sega CD and wow was that disappointing. I know now that there were at least a few good games. But I did not have them as a kid.

So as a senior in High School, I think I was basically done with Sega. I did not buy a Sega Saturn when it was released. I was excited for the Playstation. I bought the first generation PS1 on release day in 1995 and I enjoyed it for many years.

At some point in the late 1990's I ended up playing a Saturn. I was a big fighting game fan and playing arcade perfect versions of Street Fighter Alpha and Darkstalkers on Saturn helped me to understand just what I was missing. I was finally able to buy a Saturn and a handful of games many years later at the absolute bottom of the market.

I still own those games today, along with a few others I have picked up over the years. But I have to admit, I do not have much. Why didn't I buy more when I had the chance?!?!?!

Saturn prices are officially bonkers these days. I'd love to collect more Saturn games, but all of the games I want seem to be priced at pretty insane levels. I follow the market pretty closely. Below are some interesting eBay auctions for Saturn games I have noticed recently.

On May 9th, areally nice copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga recently auctioned for $881. Note that lessor copies have been going for between $500-$700.

Also on May 9th, a really nice copy of Shining Force III auctioned for $350. Note that lessor copies seem to fetching $150 or so.

A complete copy of Magic Knight Rayearth with stickers and registration card auctioned for $435.58 on April 17th.

On May 17th a copy of Street Fighter Collection auctioned for $142.50.

A copy of the incredibly rare BattleSport sold for $249.99 (BIN) on May 7th.

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