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Unappreciated Asset: The Last Blade 2 (Dreamcast)

I've been watching the market for The Last Blade 2 in detail for a long time - months. For much of that time, it was a very difficult game to value. There just were not many listings for the game. In fact, there were some times where there were no CIB copies available on eBay.

The volume has picked up somewhat. In fact, there are five individual listings for the game at this time. There is another listing of The Last Blade plus King of Fighters Evolution and there is a graded listing. Several copies of the game have sold in recent weeks as well. Unfortunately, most of the copies currently listed seem significantly overpriced. I am now confident that the game is worth around $60-$65 CIB at the time of this post. Most of the listings right now are priced beyond that range.

I do not think that The Last Blade 2 is as rare as another SNK Dreamcast fighter we recently covered. And while The Last Blade 2 has it's fans, it is not as beloved or as coveted as Garou. Garou has settled in around $70-$75, which I think still has some room for appreciation. I think the Last Blade 2 should remain just below Garou in terms of value.

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